The Beginning

There is one thing humans do well consistently. That is designing more efficient ways of destroying each other. Ever since Cain killed Abel with a rock, we’ve see the evolution of weapons go from sticks, to swords, to guns, to rockets, to the most horrific, the nuclear device. Luckily, that last one has only been used twice but since then, nearly 4000 nukes have been created just in the US alone. What purpose does a nuke hold? To destroy as much as possible with the maximum loss of life.

But as we learned from the atomic weapons used in Japan, the consequences of such weapons leaves innocent people-those who have no control over the decisions of their government-dead, diseased, or dying. This is why for most of the civilized world, people have no problem making sure nukes don’t fall into the wrong hands (although they are ok with 4000 of them being within driving distance from practically anywhere in the country).

What does this have to do with my journey into gun facts, gun control, and the 2nd Ammendment? When I heard the news about the horrific situation at Sandy Hook in 2012, I found myself unable to continue to support unchecked gun ownership. It shatter my very belief system. If we are safer with more guns, how can 20 six year olds wind up dead so quickly? Was it access to guns? Mental illness? Gun free zones? Death culture? Or a mix of a lot of things. I discovered that the answers are not so black and white.

Both sides of the gun debate have done such a good job blasting public airwaves with misleading propaganda and politically charged rhetoric, that it is extremely difficult to find true facts even with the powerful search tools we have today. Admittedly, I have taken a stand without knowing all the facts as well. When emotions get hot, we tend to stick to our guns (pun intended) even if we don’t really know what we are standing up for.

This blog has come out of the realization that I really don’t know enough about firearms to really make an assessment about how much safer one gun is over the other. What I can say for sure is this: Guns are made to kill. When a good guy uses a gun to kill, the gun was used as designed. When a bad guy uses one, it too was used as designed. Since guns are meant to be deadly, it’s about time we stop shouting at each other and start having real conversations about these “tools”.

The conversation has to go past the argument over which types of guns, magazines, and ammo to ban. It must address everything related to gun culture, from the psychological, to the physical, to the political, and yes, even spiritual.

Maybe nobody ever reads this. But if you do, and you are tired of seeing the same endless cycle repeated again and again, then come along with me. If you care about protecting children from gun wielding monsters (which is not every gun owner so please don’t send hate mail), then it’s important to look at every angle. It could take a few weeks, it could take years. It will require to you think outside of what you believe. Sometimes facts are facts, even if they don’t line up with what we feel they should have been. We need to allow for those incidents.

I plan on publishing what I find through research and posting as many sources as I can. This is an objective project for personal growth and is not backed by a political party, Lobby, or educational institute. If you choose to come with me welcome. If not, you can click away. The choice is yours.